Getting Started with Tally

Tally keeps track of aggregates. It may be used in a wide array of cases. It is currently available as a C# API.

Web Routes

Getting Started with Schemas

Tally Concepts

Quick Start

Check out the Web API docs for more information on routing and parameter details.

  1. Create a schema for your dataset

    • Take a look at the Tally Schema format to understand how to intialize a Tally Table for your data to keep track
    • Make a POST request to the api/schema route with your JSON schema
  2. Insert Data to your Tally Table

    • Insert data with a POST request to the api/data/insert/{schemaName} route with your data as JSON

      You can also retrieve existing Tally data using api/data/retrieve/{schemaName}

  3. Retrieve Aggregates for your data

    • Aggregates are the results from your growing dataset over time. Use the api/aggregates/retrieve/{schemaName} to get your aggregates file

Tally Explained

There are 420 jelly beans in a container. I want to know the following data:

Is it easier to dump our jelly beans and recount our totals every time? This would be the traditional approach with keeping track of data in a database.

However, since we already know the information we want. It's easier to keep track of the information we want individually? Let's just update those values as we add each bean to get a running count.

... or a “tally” of information every single time we insert new values as opposed to investing in keeping data organized over longer amounts of time. That's the idea behind Tally.