Aggregate Analytics minus the DB

Tally keeps track of the data as you insert it. [NOTICE: Currently Migrating the API. Read up on the docs till then :)]

What is Tally?

Tally is a service that keeps a running total of aggregate information as we insert data. No more queries. Recieve analytics faster. Spend less to keep data organized.


Real Project For Real Solutions

Versatility. Tally is designed to plug-in to any architecture. It is meant to scale for any dataset and keep track of the values you want. It proves to be most useful for static data.

Here a few example data sources that would benefit from Tally integration:

  • Log and Pattern Analysis
  • Internet of Things(IoT) Sensor Data
  • User Activity Monitoring

Up and Running with Tally

Get started with integrating Tally in your applications today

Cloud API

Use Tally from anywhere and from multiple sources. Create a schema and start using!


There is an available C# library to use with the Tally Engine. Reach out to get access

Private Server Support

Reach out to get your own local version of the Tally engine. We will help you deploy it for your data needs

Getting Started

Use our getting started guide to send data and build a dashboard service using Tally and your own data source. Explore the docs for the API as well

Common Questions

Everything you should know before you get started

What is Tally?

Tally is an intermediary service that keeps track of the aggregate information as we insert data. It eliminates the need for lengthy table scans, the bottleneck that requires to keep information consistently organized, and the effort put in to develop analytics dashboards.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

You may send an e-mail to Ravi to get your questions answered. Usually, we respond within 48 hours.

How do I learn more about Tally features?

You should read the available documentation for the API and the wiki. Both of those will give you an overview about what Tally has to offer

I see that there is no auth. Is my data secure?

This is currently an alpha-release of Tally. Data is not secured yet, however, each schema is name still unique. Play with creating Tally tables and understanding data to get a feel for the engine. The next release will include login support and roles

Can I have a schema name that is already taken?

Nope. Schema names are assigned on a first-come first serve basis. They are unique to each Tally Table

Is Tally free?

Yup! For now at least. Push your data and get your aggregates. Enjoy. It's going to make your life so much easier.